# ✍️ Create Wrapprs

The Wrappr app allows users to deploy their own Wrappr NFT contract via the Create (opens new window) tab.

Users are able to attach a base image that will be the default for all token Ids minted.

Further, a name and symbol can be stamped into the contract to make minting purpose more clear.

The description field will be legible in NFT galleries (attached to the NFT metadata).

Finally, an admin role can be given that allows access to minting and updating the settings of the Wrappr, such as the 'minting fee' (mintFee) which is set on deployment (and denominated in ETH).

If the minting fee is set very high, the Wrappr is effectively private and mints can only occur through the admin or manager roles. If the admin is set to 0x00, then there is effectively no permissioning.

Tutorial (opens new window)