# What is Wrappr?

Wrappr (opens new window) is a platform to launch and mint legal NFTs, such as limited liability "legal wrappers" for DAOs and wallets.

Users can select through premade options, such as LLC formation, or explore a gallery of other NFTs deployed by the public.

# Benefits

Through key-signable documents, Wrappr NFTs allow users to have limited liability either as a contributor or to wrap a DAO.

For example, a developer receiving a grant is often required to have a legal entity and Wrappr makes it easier to structure a pass-through LLC precisely with their receiving wallet. In other cases, a DAO may want to clarify its status as a non-profit association and remove partnership liability for DAO members, or a multisig investment club may want to purchase equity through an LLC.

Minting a Wrappr can also provide optimizations around tax jurisdiction, ownership of RWA, and legal claims, such as software licensing and IP.

The benefit of using NFTs to incorporate are threefold:

(1) Paperwork is easy to find and can be shown in a wallet or DAO treasury through multiple apps.

(2) Incorporation is completely online: Users control how much info they want to reveal at all times, pay in crypto, and their legal status is machine-readable.

(3) Secure recordkeeping: Important documentation is permanently uploaded to the blockchain and IPFS and cannot be hacked.

Users can also be sure that their Wrapprs are up-to-date with the best terms and legal frameworks as they are maintained in open source (opens new window) with a wide range of contributors.

The premade options drafted by crypto lawyers for immediate use are LLC, Non-Profit and Charter NFTs.

Sections in this explainer guide are excerpted from the Paradigm Legal Matrix (opens new window). Please carefully review this guide and linked materials to get the most out of Wrappr. For more assistance, contact the Kali team (opens new window) or LexDAO Clinic (opens new window).