# Where is Wrappr?

Wrappr is multi-chain (opens new window) and deployed on Ethereum, Arbitrum (including Nova), Optimism, Polygon, Gnosis, Fantom, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain and Goerli (testnet).

Using CREATE2 (opens new window), all Wrapprs share the same address on every chain.

# Jurisdictions

# Delaware

Delaware is the most popular venue for setting up businesses for investment and provides practical anonymity to LLCs and their members without requiring public records of ownership. It has strong preference for "freedom of contract," which means that the terms of an agreement will usually be respected by a court.

Examples of Delaware-wrapped DAOs: The LAO, Metacartel Ventures, Flamingo

# Wyoming

Wyoming is catering to the needs of blockchain users and has DAO-specific legislation that promotes and helps protect on-chain organizations. It is the birthplace of the LLC and has strong norms of protecting property rights.

Examples of Wyoming-wrapped DAOs: LexDAO, CityDAO, IdleDAO

# Marshall Islands (New)

The Marshall Islands has adopted a legal framework heavily influenced by Delaware's LLC law. This strategic choice offers entities a blend of privacy, flexibility, and a legal environment open to digital innovations, making it an appealing offshore destination for emerging DAOs.